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Strategy-Driven Execution…?

We read a recent LinkedIn Discussion where the question was posed: what do you think about the effectiveness of Strategy-Driven Execution? Our primal response was: Hold on… is there anything ELSE that should conceivably be driving business process Execution, except Strategy?

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Metrics That Matter

You have vacation time coming soon, and you’re planning a big family road-trip. What will it take, what will be your measures, of it being a Success; for your family to have many happy lifelong memories? Miles per Gallon? Number of Trucks Passed? Hours Waiting in Line? Frequent Flyer Miles Used? Those aren’t Success Metrics…

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Making CRM Work

Gaining & Sustaining Competitive Advantage Over the past decade, following and re-cycling a pattern experienced in the late 1990's, businesses across virtually all market segments began to realize the then re-emerging priority of Customer Relationship Management...

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Workforce Segmentation

As far back as most everyone can remember, we’ve known the critical marketing importance of Customer Segmentation: separating and grouping similar customers based on their characteristics, needs, behaviors and other criteria. Then, creating and executing marketing,...

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