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Strategy-Driven Execution…?

We read a Discussion on LinkedIn recently where the question was posed: what do you think about the effectiveness of Strategy-Driven Execution?  Our primal response was:  Hold on… is there anything ELSE that should conceivably be driving business process Execution,...

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Workforce Segmentation

As far back as most everyone can remember, we’ve known the critical marketing importance of Customer Segmentation: separating and grouping similar customers based on their characteristics, needs, behaviors and other criteria.  Then, creating and executing marketing,...

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Making CRM Work

Gaining & Sustaining Competitive Advantage In the mid-1990’s, following the disappointing results of internally-focused Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and efficiency improvement initiatives, businesses across virtually all market segments began to realize the then...

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Solutions for Performance Compensation.

For the workforce, consumers, supply chain, and distribution channels.

News & Views

Achieving Sales Performance Success

As always, Sales Success is essential to achieving revenue and profit goals.  However, in banking, insurance, lending, and other financial services, sales conduct remains under a great deal of regulatory scrutiny. There’s no question that the key to sales success is...

“Our organization has used your solutions since pre-Y2K, and they have worked consistently, reliably, compliantly, for our almost two-hundred locations and thousands of workforce members, for every month since then. Simply: thank you!

“Your diligence, rigor and professionalism has been instrumental in our workforce successfully delivering our solutions to our clients.”

“Your solutions streamlined our time-consuming manual processes, and made us more nimble, accurate, and much more cost-effective and customer-responsive.”

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